May 29, 2015

Wedding style: your bouquet

We are so excited that wedding season has begun at Sammy’s! Are you a bride to be and wondering where to start? Here’s a few things to consider when thinking about your wedding bouquet style.

Size: Standard bridal bouquets are typically around 10" wide.  Petite bridal bouquets are 6-8" wide and large bridals are 12"+. These are general guidelines, though, as the product chosen can influence the size of your bouquet.

Shape: There are many options here. But the most popular shapes continue to be: round, naturally round, organic hand-tied, and loose/unstructured.

Color: While many brides chose classic whites and creams, anything really goes when it comes to your bouquet. Popular, less traditional palettes this year have included pops of burgundy, plums and lavender.

Texture: Do you like lots of detail or do you prefer a simplified look? Texture added with elements such as pods, berries, foliages and succulents create dimension and movement in your bouquet.

The picture above shows a bridal and bridesmaid bouquet.  The bridal bouquet is standard sized, naturally rounded with texture, in a soft spring color palette. To see more bouquets click here.

Ready to discuss your custom designed bouquet with one of our bridal consultants? Call either location or send an email to:


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