December 29, 2014

Wedding style: dramatic bridal bouquets

Not all bridal bouquets have to be white, these wedding bouquets use dramatic color palettes with deep shades of plum, burgundy and eggplant. The first bouquet shown combines rich reds, copper and burgundy, with accents of peach.  The second picture shows bridal and bridesmaid bouquets in deep eggplant and blue gray. The third example below is combination of silver, plum, burgundy and cream.

December 10, 2014

In Season: winter foliages

As winter approaches, foliages are a great way to add seasonal interest to arrangements. We like to add many varieties with different shapes, textures and colors to our designs. They can be used alone, combined with other greenery, or mixed with flowers as shown in our winter arrangements on our website. Pictured above are princess pine and blue ice. Click on the link below to see pictures of classic noble fir, juniper, and cedar.

December 2, 2014

It’s Della Robbia time

It must be the holidays, because it is Della Robbia wreath time! Handcrafted by Sammy’s Flowers, Della Robbia wreaths have a been a customer favorite year over year. Sammy’s classic Della Robbia wreaths are available in three sizes: candle ring, 24" door size and the larger 30" version.  Stop by either location, order online, or give us a call to reserve your own unique Della Robbia wreath.