November 11, 2017

Planning your holiday table

Planning a holiday celebration? Whether an intimate dinner for two, or a big family or work gathering, now is the time to consider your flowers. Here's some info to get your planning started.

For arrangements you want to consider your desired size, shape, color and style.

Size and Shape: Where will your flowers be placed? Will it be seen from the front only, such as when used on a buffet or mantle? Or will it be seen from all sides such as a dinner table or entryway?

A small arrangement is perfect for a bistro or cafe sized table. A standard centerpiece works well for a round table seating 6-10 people. If your table is rectangular, a standard centerpiece works well along with other accents such as candles or if serving a family style dinner. Or if you have less table decor or prefer an elongated shape, a long and low design is a good alternative.

Color and Style: Next consider your color palette. Do you want a traditional fall or winter palette? Or will you match a theme or your decor? Determining a palette will help you with your flower choices.

Finally, what is your preferred style and how would you describe the look you want? (Is your style elegant, rustic, natural, fun, modern, vintage, etc) Do you have any specific flowers you would like used? Or perhaps you might prefer a "designer's choice" custom design created for you

Ready to order or need further help? You can stop by either location to speak to a designer and place your order. For events requiring specific needs or larger quantities, we recommend placing your order in advance, if possible, one to two weeks prior to event.