October 19, 2012

About flowers: Pansy Orchids

There are quite literally thousands of orchid varieties. Just one of our favorite orchids is the Miltoniopsis, aka Pansy orchid. Multi stemmed and multi bloomed, the Pansy orchid provides a great pop of color. The Pansy orchid prefers to be moist, so water when its soil is starting to dry. If the orchid leaves develop wrinkles or striations, this means it's dehydrated and requires more water. Like most orchids, this one prefers indirect, bright light and warm daytime temperatures. 

Care: Bright, indirect light • Ave Water • Ave indoor temperature

October 8, 2012

Sending love with roses

Large and lovely autumn dome shaped rose arrangements. The top design contains three dozen sweetheart roses in peach, pink and orange creating a lush medium sized arrangement. The second picture shows a large mixture of standard and piano garden roses with poppy pods and geranium leaf. 

And finally, shown below are a mixture of five dozen standard roses that create a very big statement!

October 1, 2012

Autumn Wedding

Loaded with texture, these bouquets have both garden and woodland favorites in their mix. Hydrangea, garden roses, lisianthus and dahlias make a lovely combination with grasses, pods, fern curls, and fern leaf. Shown here are the bridesmaid and bridal bouquet (top), along with (below) the corsage, boutonniere and groom's boutonniere.