April 28, 2011

Our Favorite Plants: No. 5

Phalaenopsis Orchids make a special gift and with a few tips are relatively easy to care for. Orchids are all about location. They love a room filled with bright light that is warm during the day and cooler at night. They only need to be watered every 10-14 days, a good soak will do the trick. 

Care: Indirect, Bright Light • Low Water • Ave indoor temperature

April 18, 2011

About Flowers: Rose types

What is the difference between a standard rose and a garden rose? The garden rose shown in the bottom pic has a beautiful "cabbage" like shape. The standard rose (shown above) has a graceful spiral shape. Additionally, garden roses are often fragrant, which makes them popular for bridal bouquets.

Spray roses have clusters of blooms, typically 3-5 buds per stem. They are smaller than the standard rose. They mix well with standard roses and are terrific to use for corsage and boutonnieres.

April 14, 2011

Wedding Style: Boutonnieres

Will it be modern, casual, rustic, romantic or traditional? Boutonnieres are like little bouquets you wear, each one with it's own personality. Favorite flowers include: spray roses, freesia, mini calla, and mini orchids.

April 9, 2011

More Blooming Spring Branches

We're loving the wonderful selection of blooming spring branches in season now. Here's two more examples: fascinating Dogwood, with it's sinewy branches and other worldly blossoms and of course, the classic, beautiful Cherry with showy clusters of flowers.

April 1, 2011

Color and Texture

April showers bring May flowers, so the saying goes. Color, color, color - everyone wants color now, and paring color with texture is just plain fun. Happy Friday!