March 23, 2014

Timberline Wedding

This summer Timberline wedding fully embraced Portland’s woodsy feel with tons of texture and detail. The eclectic mix in shades of greens and whites included many interesting flowers.  Included in the designs were green eyed roses, green tea roses, goosenecks, queen anne’s lace, lady slipper orchid, scabiosa,  and pods. To finish the look, the flowers were partnered with varieties of fern, herbs, hosta, lichen, moss and other local seasonal greens.

For more Timberline wedding pics, click on the link below:

March 15, 2014

Our Favorite Plants: No. 6

The Staghorn Fern is a majestic, fascinating plant. Like orchids, the Staghorn does not require soil to grow. This variety resembles antlers, and is mounted with its own foliage draped around its base. With the right conditions, they are relatively easy to care for. Water either through soaking the base in a bucket or sink of water, or in center of fern once a week. Allow the fern to dry out between waterings. The Staghorn prefers some humidity and should be misted around the plant frequently. 

Care: Indirect, Bright Light • Moderate Water • Warm indoor temperature

March 4, 2014

Flowers to wear

Not all corsages are white! These colorful beauties are in vibrant hues of fuchsia pink and red. Bright hued corsages work perfect for an special event, celebrations and weddings with color. To view a few more colorful wrist corsages click on the link below.