September 25, 2012

Custom creations

Mixing cut flowers, succulents and foliages make for surprising and fun arrangements. Housed in gorgeous silver chalices, these contain freesia, orchids, snowberry, and geranium leaf. Combined with sedum, succulents, scabiosa pods, and angel vine, they are fully loaded with texture and interest. Bring in your favorite containers and we'll make up a special creation just for you!

September 20, 2012

About Flowers: Scent

If you enjoy fragrant flowers, these blooms are probably some of your favorites. From top to bottom: gardenia, rose, freesia, mix with oriental lilies, tuberose, and stock. The classic gardenia has a strong perfume-like scent. Of the roses, garden roses tend to be the most fragrant. Freesia has a soft, slightly spicy scent.  Stock is mild, while the oriental lilies and tuberose pack a strong room filling aroma. Not pictured: lilac, hyacinth, peonies, sweet peas, lavender are other fragrant seasonal choices.

September 10, 2012

Classic wedding bouquet

Dramatic in red and white, this wedding bouquet features classic wedding flowers including white calla lilies, white freesia, red roses and red hypericum berries. 

September 5, 2012

Vintage Chic Wedding

Shown above are the bouquet and vintage ball jar centerpieces from a recent summer lodge wedding. The bridal bouquet contains hydrangea, dahlias, garden roses, orchids, fern curls, scabiosa pods and maidenhair fern. The centerpieces contain hydrangea, queen anne's lace, stock, eucalyptus, garden roses and scabiosa pods. So soft and romantic!