January 16, 2014

Wedding table centerpieces

Wondering what to consider when planning your wedding centerpieces? 

Some of the key considerations when thinking about your table centerpiece style are: your overall wedding theme/style, use of color, the size and shape of tables, other table decor and your floral budget. 

Your overall wedding theme or style should influence the look of your centerpieces, but that does not mean that all the flowers in your event must be the exactly same. Often the table centerpieces are a great place to add color and variety to your event. 

To ensure guests can converse at the wedding tables, centerpieces should not constrict the view of the guests. Low arrangements tend to work best, but appropriately tall arrangements can be option as well. 

Additional table decor such as candles and smaller floral accents can add to the look. Choice of flowers, such as using in-season blooms can really help with costs. 

Ready to talk centerpieces? Sammy’s bridal consultants are happy to guide you through the planning process. For more info or to setup an appointment: email us at pearl@sammysflowers.com or call (503) 281-0310.

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